Company P.Q.M.

Company P.Q.M., Czech-Swiss Ltd., based in Ostrava, and a branch in Baden (Switzerland), was founded in 1997 by agreement between the Czech and Swiss experts on quality, who previously worked in various other institutions.  

P.Q.M. provides consulting and training services in quality management. It organizes seminars for professionals and also organizes business courses and workshops. These services are tailored according to needs of customer requirements, both the content and terms of time. A natural part of the services that PQM provides is also quality consulting.


Executives of the company:

 D.Zindulkova - executive. Lecturer in TQM at the University of Enterpreneurship in Ostrava. Since 1994 she works as a lecturer, consultant and auditor of quality management. She holds a certificate of EOQ TQM Assessor.             

K.Frühauf - partner (Swiss). Member of Editorial Board (EAB) of  Software Quality Professional magazine, the publisher of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Software Division. Serves as Secretary of EOQ (European Society for Quality), Quality Software section. Since 1992, he is a program committee member for conferences EOQ quality software and all the world congresses of software quality. 

P. Blecharz - managing director. Professor in TQM at the Technical University of Ostrava (VSB), Faculty of Economics, member of the DOE Expert Users Group (Detroit), a member of the Editorial Board (EAB) International Journal of Six Sigma (Glasgow), author of numerous articles in professional journals regarding the application of quality methods in the automotive industry and services.


P.Q.M. also cooperates with a group of experts on quality. The criterion for their selection is primarily a high level of knowledge combined with practical experience. We prefer specialistswho can find innovative ways of education and guidance to apply the knowledge from various disciplines in practice.


Contact us:

P.Q.M., Czech-Swiss Ltd.

Nad pekarnou 673, 739 23 Stara Ves nad Ondrejnici, CZECH REPUBLIC


phone: +420 603 243 631