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Feel free to download the Full Featured Working Model (DEMO) of  Qualitek-4 program and use it freely to design and analyze your own experiments which utilize L-8 array, or contact us if you have any questions. The program also contains over 40 example experiment files for your review.

Downloading: qt4-setup.exe

Demo User: After you have successfully downloaded file from the web, you will unzip the downloaded file. Install Qualitek-4 by running the setup.exe file from this list.

Problem Running Qualitek-4


Qualitek-4 data file format requires English (United States) format. If your Windows is set to run in a non-English speaking settings, you may have difficulty with proper retrieval and display of results. If you experience such problems with the default experiment file PISTON.Q4W, you need to correct the setting following the steps shown:

a. From Windows (Xp) START, select  CONTROL PANEL. 
b. Select Regional and Language Options.
c. Select
Regional Options tab 
d. Set "English (United States)" as your preference.
e. Restart your computer and run Qualitek-4.

What does the program do?
Software for Taguchi Design of Experiments "Qualitek-4 from Nutek, Inc. automatically designs experiments based on user-indicated factors and levels. The program selects the array and assigns the factors to the appropriate column. For more complex experiments, there is a manual design option. The program also performs the three basic steps in analysis: main effect, analysis-of-variance, and optimum studies. Analysis can be performed using standard or signal-to-noise ratios of results for smaller, bigger, nominal, or dynamic characteristics. Results can be displayed using pie charts, bar graphs, or trial-data-range graphs.

Author, more info...
Dr. Ranjit K. Roy, President and founder of Nutek, Inc., is the author of QUALITEK-4. With over 15 years of experience in the industry and over 10 years of experience in application and training of Taguchi experimental design, Dr. Roy developed this software for application minded engineers. He also teaches a 4 day onsite seminar/workshop on Design of Experiment Using Taguchi Approach. QT4 is designed to fully correspond with the seminar and workshop conducted by Dr. Roy. Additional information about software you can find on

How to order

Qualitek-4 in ELECTRONIC FORMAT (Downloadable Program and Ref.Manual)

You can purchase regular version of Qualitek-4 in electronic format for only $1,495/1 copy. Upon payment you receive email with registration codes which you can use to re-install the DEMO to unlock all capabilities.

For purchase, please E-mail us at: